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Sonria Slime is one of the fastest growing slime brands in the USA. We’re on a mission to build a global brand that is synonymous with relaxing and relieving stress.

We’re an inclusive brand centered on our community Sonria Squad, with the promise of good slimes, and great fun.

Our aim is to be the World’s best slime brand, with a view of bringing a lighter view of the world through our handmade slimes and fun loving attitude.

What to Expect at Sonria Slime's
You will help us to build a world-class brand. You will join the exciting journey of an extremely ambitious startup, looking to disrupt the slime industry.

You will have the opportunity to thrive in an extremely fast-paced, always-on environment, and assist in making decisions that will shape the future of the brand.

We are only looking for the most ambitious individuals to join us. Those who are keen to make an impact, wanting to fulfill their potential, and who also know how to have a good time.

    No positions available