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Funfetti Slime

i love this slime so much and the texture is literally soooo good

Spectacular Slime

I love the slime. 🧁❤️

Funfetti slim

So I ordered myself and my daughters so slime… I got two different ones and one wasn’t right I think it just wasn’t made correctly and something happened in the process. So Sonria slime made it ok by sending us another one but the new one she sent us was even worse and it’s like I got the good recipe one and my daughter kept getting the bad recipe ones which really sucks for her and me because I just went ahead and gave her my funfetti slim that is perfect. I think maybe sometimes the formulas don’t turn out as they should but if that happens, maybe you could but the slimes that don’t turn out good in a bin for other uses. Maybe giveaways or something … maybe if u mix them together they’ll be better 🤷🏼‍♀️ just thought my review would help thanks again

Hello Savannah!

I am so sorry your Funfetti Frosting slime came like that. Please shoot us another email and I can see what we can do!

Amazing Slime!

This is one of my first times ordering slime, but I watch a lot of slime videos on YouTube. I decided to buy some form here and I was not disappointed! This slime was so amazing! It is so soft and fluffy I started playing with it and didn't even realize 20 minutes went by! She also upgraded my 2.5 oz slime to a 5 oz I'm not totally sure why, but I'm very thankful! The scent is also very nice it's sweet, but not overpowering. I even enjoyed the little sprinkles in it, they add pretty colors and they don't effect the texture too much either!


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