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A better way to feel better.
Essential Oil Infused Slimes.

We wanted a fun solution to staying relaxed. So we created Sonria Slime. First for us. Now for you.

saves the day!

"I have generalized anxiety and after a bad day I play with slime which saves the day! I love your mission and help to others through your products!"

all 12 of the slimes that I ordered were PERFECT!

"I ordered the mini ones bcz they are the right size for me when my anxiety is high. The prices are very responsible, they smell ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, & are A-1 as a calming mechanism. I am so glad that I ran across your page on Instagram"

playful meditative moment

"I’m loving these for relieving anxiety or for a playful meditative moment. The texture is great the scent is so soothing"

Who makes your slime?

Hi, I'm Isabella <3

"Slime saved my life- seriously. After struggling with panic attacks post PTSD diagnosis, I was finally able to ground myself again with this sensory tool & I knew I had to share it's magic with others. My therapist then had an ingenious idea to add essential oils... I haven't stopped."