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Today, I’ll go over some slime recommendations for first-time buyers (or users) like you!

The wonderful thing about slime is that there is a plethora  of options to choose from. This, of course, can be overwhelming. From the wide variety of fragrance options to different textures, slime can be fun and confusing all at the same time.

Below, you can check out a guide on which slime could be right for you. Because, who doesn’t want to be matched with the slime of their life?

Textures for New Users:

**I created this list by categorizing the easiest slimes to take care of and use.

Butter Slime: a slime created using a basic base and clay. This combo makes a creamy and stretchy slime. Butter slime is considered one of the most relaxing textures by the slime community.

Cloud Cream Slime: a slime made from a basic base, clay, and instant snow. I love recommending this slime to new slime-users because it has a superior hold (compared to other slimes), melts very slowly, and is creamy as it is soothing.

Cloud Dough Slime: Cloud cream’s big brother. This slime is even more holdable than a cloud cream. It’s denser, heavier, and easier to handle. This slime is one of the least “slimey” slimes.

Scents for New Users:

**To create this list, I put together my best-seller’s and customer-loved scents.

Fruit Loops / Fruity Pebbles: this one smells EXACTLY like the name. It is on the stronger side but can never be too much. I have never met a family who didn’t seriously enjoy this scent!

Birthday Cake: a classic slime scent that is most loved. The sweet bakery scent you’re sure to enjoy.

Lavender: a relaxing scent perfect to add to your self care routine. This scent is curated using 100% pure essential oils. If you love lavender, you’ll love this.

Available Slimes best for beginners:

Cookie Dough



Brain Food


I hope this edition of The Daily Glue will help you make a better choice for your first slime purchase. If you want to know more about slime, head to our blog: Slime 101 - The Guide for Beginners. 

Don’t forget, I am always available by direct-message on our Instagram: @sonriaslime for any of your slime questions.

Happy Sliming!

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